What Is API Security?

API security is the practice of protecting application program interfaces (APIs) from misuse and malicious attacks.

As external APIs have public-facing endpoints, their vulnerabilities have become the target of hackers. Internal APIs face the risk of improper access or misuse.

How to Secure APIs

API security is one of the biggest concerns for any business using APIs to deliver data. As data is essentially the currency with which companies attract users and conduct business, there is no room for it to be compromised by not securing APIs.

A single breach of trust can result in a dramatic loss of credibility. With how effortlessly people can change the providers they work with, this could have severe impact on any organization.

Many security breaches have made headlines in recent years, putting businesses in jeopardy and creating global security risks. Take the NSA spying case, WikiLeaks, or Snapchat's hack for example. These instances put a renewed focus on how important it is to secure APIs to ensure the privacy of data, while still keeping it flexible enough to do its job.

APIs are the engine of transactions of data, commerce, and communication. And security is an important consideration from the start of API creation. To understand what it means to create and work in a secure environment, we've created this resource guide as a primer on API Security.

Best Practices to Secure APIs

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General API Security Best Practices

API Security: Creating a Solid Foundation: Web APIs heighten security exposure for enterprise information assets across the big three of information security — confidentiality, integrity, and reliability. In this webinar, learn how some large organizations have succeeded in API security.

OAuth Server: Share Data Securely for Mobile, APIs and Web Apps: Learn about our security token server that integrates with enterprise identity and access management systems providing the latest Web and API security standards including OpenId and OAuth.

What Is OAuth?: Learn about OAuth through a look at its history, use cases, and how an API management solution can facilitate its use in your enterprise architecture.

Security-First API Maturity: Read our blog to learn how to provide perimeter security with a Policy Enforcement Point, Policy Administration Point, and Policy Decision Point.

What is JWT?: Discover what JSON Web Tokens are, how they work, and how they can be used.

JWT for API Security: Learn about JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and the various ways they are applied for API security.

OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

The most common security risks are compiled annually by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Their most recognized resource, the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, is produced by security experts around the globe. Each year they highlight the most critical security risks.

Learn about the OWASP Top 10 API Risks

Check back as we continue a series of blog posts covering each of the top 10 vulnerabilities in detail:

API Security for Open Banking

Exposing financial data via APIs increases the need for security. Learn how to secure APIs with the Akana solution for financial services.

Akana Open Banking Datasheet

The Akana Open Banking API solution specifically addresses PSD2 and Open Banking with a comprehensive platform for security, reliability, scale, and interoperability.

With Akana, you can eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure systems are properly protected against attacks.

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Mobile Security

API Security: Securing Digital Channels and Mobile Apps Against Hacks: In this webinar, we walk you through the various ways an API could be exploited. Learn how to secure your data while continuing to support your business’s digital initiatives.

The T-Mobile Data Breach: Learn what went wrong that led to the leak of customers’ personally identifiable information. Discover how the Akana platform is perfectly suited to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

Snapchat API Hack: Snapchat was warned about their API exposure. This warning was not heeded. Subsequently, nearly 5 million users’ data was hacked.

Securing APIs With an API Gateway

Read about the Akana platform’s API Gateway for API security, integration, mediation, and deployment.

Learn how to use a gateway to manage your APIs in Anatomy of an API Gateway.

Securing the Microservices Mesh with an API Gateway is a best practice that can be put in place to prevent unauthorized data access, loss of data integrity, or the loss in quality of service.

The Akana Solution for API Security: See why Forrester ranks the top choice for securing APIs, and how the Akana API Gateway provides perimeter security and defense.

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