In today’s economy, companies of all kinds are looking to disrupt their own and other industries across everything from banking through logistics and retail. Disruption and innovation are typically built on the back of a digital transformation strategy; disrupting a market is all about finding new ways of servicing customers through innovative channels or approaches. This almost always involves some form of digital transformation even if it’s only modernizing existing systems to provide a better/different customer experience, and for most companies, APIs have become the foundation of disruption, innovation, and digital transformation.

This presentation will help you understand the necessary components of a well-constructed API strategy, with particular attention paid to security. Some may think security and disruption are natural enemies. However, when APIs are used in a truly transformational role, access to data or transactional capabilities is likely provided directly to partners and customers, and so will be exposed outside the enterprise, opening the door to new risks. The right solution of course is a balance between the importance of security and the agility to generate new business value. This webinar explores these challenges and the best ways to address them.


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