Akana API Integration Platform Capabilities

The Akana API platform provides seamless mediation capabilities, allowing you to create modern, well-structured APIs from legacy assets with ease.

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Mediation & Integration capabilities include:

  • SOAP to REST - Quickly and easily take existing SOAP services and generate REST/JSON APIs.
  • Security Policy - Seamlessly manage the mediation between security policies.
  • Orchestration - Create APIs from scratch or by integrating multiple services together with a graphical process designer.
  • Transformation - Map content across object types with declarative (XML<->JSON) and prescriptive (XSL-T, FreeMarker) models.
  • Scripting - Write and deploy code in Jython, Beanshell, Java, or Javascript to augment your policies or orchestrations.
  • Integrate and mediate mainframe applications with SOLA Mainframe.

Akana and IBM

IBM WebSphere

Akana provides ready-to-use API management and SOA governance automation for IBM WebSphere. This provides for automation of API and SOA framework. 

Starting with API conception, Akana ensures the easy and uniform application of patterns and policies all the way to API consumption throughout the entire IBM software stack. 

With Akana, enterprises can install and configure a comprehensive API management and SOA governance solution without having to integrate a broad array of components through custom development or professional API management services


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IBM DataPower

Akana's API management solution for IBM DataPower makes internal systems accessible as APIs by leveraging DataPower's security and integration features. 

Customers can easily create and manage APIs on DataPower that seamlessly integrate with backend systems like WebSphere, mainframes, and WebSphere MQ. 

The API management solution for DataPower provides centralized policy definition and service monitoring for DataPower appliances, and allows customers to easily use their existing DataPower infrastructure to virtualize enterprise services for high-availability, load-balancing, and offloading of costly XML and security processing.

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