Akana API Integration Capabilities

In a modern API-based enterprise architecture, there are key integration capabilities that enable competitiveness and speed. This allows you to accelerate your digital transformation and time-to-market.

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Akana Mediation & Integration Capabilities

  • Ability to effectively create high-quality API products from existing or new services in an automated fashion.
  • Secure and easy integration with third-party APIs through easy configurable API process flows, supported through a graphical process editor 
  • Internal systems API integration and external ecosystem API exposure, consistently managed through a single, centralized control plane, consumption facilitated through out-of-the-box developer portal and API marketplace.
  • Powerful data integration via secured RESTful, SOAP or GraphQL endpoints. 

In addition to these capabilities, Akana provides advanced integration capabilities that many competitors do not offer. These include: 

  • Integration and orchestration of back-end target services and endpoints, including a mix of network protocol (HTTP, JMS, AMQP), message protocol (RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL), and content types (JSON, XML). 
  • Advanced security policy mediation that allows you to meet diverse back-end endpoint security requirements – with no code required.  
  • Highly declarative, low-code, no-code integration using out-of-the-box configurable policies that can apply to virtual and physical endpoints. 

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