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Securing APIs to Reduce Security & Compliance Risk

Organizations need an API solution with comprehensive support for the latest security and regulatory standards, such as JOSE (JWK, JWS, JWE), PCI-DSS, and GDPR. This mitigates risk and lowers administration costs. The tool must ensure securing rest APIs and other types (e.g. SOAP, AMQP) from threats and attacks.

Akana was ranked as the top choice for securing APIs by Forrester. Akana provides end-to-end API security protection with authentication, authorization, privacy, non-repudiation, and attack prevention. 

Akana Solves API Security for Global Bank

First Bank in Compliance with Open Banking 

A global bank implemented Akana to quickly adhere to the new open banking regulations in the UK and make secured banking services and data available to 3rd party developers. 

Akana’s Security-First API Strategy

Akana’s API Gateway provides perimeter security and defense. It protects your data by handling authentication and authorization, encrypting data, and preventing threats and attacks. 

  • Multiple authentication schemes, standards, and token types ensures only valid users and applications get access.
  • Integration with leading identity and access management providers.
  • OAuth provider and client lets users manage access rights for their own data.
  • Ensure the privacy of data in flight and at rest (a key requirement for PCI Compliance).
  • Support SSL, TLS, and message-based encryption and decryption using the XML-encryption standards.
  • Signature and verification of messages and headers provide non-repudiation.
  • Simplify key and certificate generation, distribution, and management with built-in PKI services.
  • Prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, malformed messages, or excessive XML/JSON depth and breadth.
  • Detect and prevent SQL, JavaScript or XPath/XQuery injection attacks.
  • Provide a content firewall, protecting against malicious content, such as viruses in attachments.
  • Validation of message content – XML and JSON data structure, form and query parameters.

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