Service Oriented Architecture remains a solid foundation for enterprises, and has diverged to include APIs and microservices. APIs help with the consumption and distribution of business capabilities as sharable services, and now the emergence of the microservices paradigm delivers flexibility and scalability to the development and deployment of service-based applications.

Akana helps enterprises to build web-scale, distributed and decoupled applications that are composed of microservices. Akana enables policy based DevOps automation and a runtime platform that provides service discovery, registry, security enforcement, scaling, routing, and auditing on a variety of containerization and/or cloud platforms.

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Microservices Management with Akana


Akana helps enterprises deliver applications as a series of microservices (components) that operate independently from each other.

  • Identify appropriate components for delivery as microservices.
  • Manage the versions and lifecycle of each microservice independently.
  • Manage the application topology as a set of related blueprints to understand dependencies.

Scalability and Resilience

Scale your applications up and down on demand to meet the rapidly growing and changing nature of your customer's needs.

  • Scale each microservice independently based on real-time usage needs.
  • Provide high-availability with load-balancing over just enough redundant instances to support load should one instance fail.


Ensure that individual microservices enforce appropriate security policies to minimize the risk of data breach.

  • Centrally define policies based on business and technology classifications.
  • Audit the application and enforcement of policies to eliminate risk.


Take advantage of lightweight container platforms for microservice deployment while still providing the core capabilities required by an enterprise services environment.

  • Create managed container instances for easy deployment of secure microservices.
  • Automate the registration and discovery of microservices instances with container configuration tasks.


One of the core tenets of microservices is that Developers are responsible for deploying and operating their own code. In this environment, it is even more critical than ever to provide effective control and auditing over the complete SDLC including the deployment blueprint.

  • Manage the development lifecycle and assets, including the application topology and deployment blueprints.
  • Maintain an audited approval process to control changes to key assets.

Monitoring and Analytics

Understand the health, performance, and usage of a distributed application is never easy. Breaking an application up into completely independent microservices further complicates this challenge.

  • Operate and manage each microservice independently while retaining central visibility into performance and behavior.
  • Audit and track transactions through the entire system for optimization and root cause analysis.

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