What Makes Up Akana’s API Management Tools?

API Analytics

Generate deep business insights from your API traffic through configurable analytic reports

API Gateway

Create modern well-structured APIs from legacy assets and multiple backend sources

Developer Portal

Socialize and manage your communities through targeted developer portals

Lifecycle Management

Maintain stability and reliability in constantly changing digital environments

Key Features of Akana Enterprise API Platform

API Security

Leverage the latest in security standards to keep your APIs and sensitive data protected.

  • Supports all industry standards for authentication, authorization, data privacy, attack prevention, and non-repudiation.
  • Comprehensive OAuth provider and client – create an OAuth authorization server to manage access rights.
  • Satisfy emerging regulations.
  • Fewer points of exposure or failure.
  • Less risk of data breach leading to brand damage and litigation.
API Security

API Design

Design modern, well-structured APIs with a polylingual graphical tool.

  • Use a graphical tool to design your API from scratch.
  • Import and export in the API descriptor language of your choice -- allowing developers to publish, and the developer community to consume, in the language they prefer.
  • Integrated lifecycle management – reduces manual effort and increases accuracy.
API Design

Traffic Management

Protect against abuse and control the flow of traffic through APIs with a rich set of routing and Quality of Service capabilities.

  • Integrated Portal allows developers and administrators to view and manage their own traffic, facilitating easy troubleshooting and analysis.
  • Consistently apply quotas for API consumers to ensure compliance with SLAs.
  • Global Traffic Management – deploy API endpoints globally using our GTM solution to route traffic to the closest endpoint.
Traffic Management

Mediation & Integration

Seamless mediation capabilities allow you to create modern, well-structured APIs from legacy assets with ease. 

  • SOAP to REST – quickly and easily take existing SOAP services and generate REST/JSON APIs.
  • Security Policy – seamlessly manage the mediation between security policies, e.g. creating a REST/JSON API using OAuth from a SOAP Service with sophisticated WS-Security policies.
  • Orchestration – create APIs from scratch, or by integrating multiple services together with a graphical process designer.
  • Transformation – map content from one object type to another with both declarative (XML<->JSON) and prescriptive (XSL-T, FreeMarker) models.
  • Scripting – write and deploy code in Jython, Beanshell, Java, or Javascript to augment your policies or orchestrations.
Mediation and Integration

Developer Portal

Turnkey developer portal built-in to the API platform provides socialization for API developers and consumers. 

  • Ideally suited to connect with different audiences.
  • Internal – quickly deploy a turnkey, customizable, and brandable portal catering to the needs of both API and App Developers within the organization.
  • B2B – leverage the integrated role-based access control (RBAC) to quickly enable an effective partner community where internal API Developers interact directly with external App developers.
  • Consumer – API development happens internally using the turnkey default theme, and external developers are supported via a range of models.
Developer Portal

API Analytics

Understand the impact of your programs with a powerful analytics engine.

  • Operational Analytics – ensure operational excellence of your API infrastructure to keep your APIs running efficiently through the entire lifecycle.
  • Developer Analytics – track how developers are using your APIs, which packages, versions and offers they use the most, and gain valuable insights into how you can improve your API programs.
  • Business Analytics – maximize revenue by gaining actionable insights into your customers and partners.
api analytics tool

Lifecycle Management

Automate deployment to ensure consistency through the full API lifecycle.

  • Maintain stability, reliability, and availability in a constantly changing digital environment.
  • Asset Version Control – fully customizable workflow for APIs, Apps, and other assets.
  • DevOps Automation – deep integration with common development tools such as Jenkins, JIRA, GitHub, etc., to enable agile processes while retaining control.
  • Asset Relationship Visualization – visualize how assets relate to each other to fully understand the potential impact of any change or issue.

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Lifecycle Management

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API Management Deployment

Deployment Options

Akana provides support for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, preventing getting stuck on a platform that doesn't support changes in your business or strategy.

  • PaaS: Fully managed and maintained by Akana. Multiple AWS zones. Easy, fast to setup and onboard.
  • On-Premises: Proven track record as the on-premises platform of choice for large enterprises, with ease of installation and upgrade a major advantage.
  • Hybrid: The best of both worlds with APIs running either on-premises or as an AWS AMI, all managed through a central developer portal.
  • Multi-Cloud: A global, on-demand, multi-tenant infrastructure offered as SaaS. Fully managed so you never have to worry about any of the normal concerns with running your own infrastructure.


How Akana Fits Into Your Existing Architecture

The Akana platform fits into the interaction layer (highlighted in red) to provide a complete set of capabilities needed to quickly integrate, mediate, transform, orchestrate, and secure your APIs to implement your business strategies.

How Akana Fits Into Your Existing Architecture

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