Why Use the Akana API Management Platform?

The Akana API management platform provides the easiest way to accelerate digital transformation in the enterprise.

Faster Time to Market

Akana makes it easy to create and deploy APIs. And when you can publish and deliver APIs faster, you’ll beat your competitors to market.

Powerful Security at Scale

Configuring security policies is a hassle in other API platforms. With Akana, it’s fast and easy to apply rigorous security and protect your business — even when you have 100,000 endpoints.

A True Partner

Akana is a true partner in your digital transformation. We back our industry-leading API management platform with digital transformation expertise and superior support, including API management services.

"Getting the strategy off the ground, Akana was the perfect partner."

on Akana by Perforce via Gartner Peer Insights. Read the full review.

Key Features of the Akana API Management Platform

Design and Develop APIs

Accelerate time-to-market by designing and developing APIs with Akana.

Akana makes it easy to create APIs:

  • Import an existing API in just two clicks.
  • Design an API quickly with Akana’s graphical point-and-click editor.

The faster you design and develop APIs, the faster you’ll be able to publish, promote, and monetize them in your portal.

Akana Developer Portal

API Design

Apply and Enforce Security

Make it easy to apply and enforce security. With Akana, security is automated — with no coding required.

Akana’s built-in security policies make it easy for you to simply click and configure security for APIs. These include OAuth, JWT, SAML, SSO, and LDAP.

Plus, Akana supports industry security standards and regulations. This includes open banking and PSD2. Akana is even certified in compliance for PCI DSS.

Akana API Gateway

API Security

Manage the Full API Lifecycle

Manage and monetize your APIs faster with Akana.

Akana offers full lifecycle API management, because are firmly embedded in your software delivery pipeline. So, you can integrate Akana with your CI/CD pipeline to accelerate API product delivery.

You can apply governance where it’s needed. Leave it out where it’s not.

As a result, you’ll be able to ensure a faster time-to-market.

Akana Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Analyze and Monitor APIs

Understand your API’s performance instantly. Akana gives you real-time insight.

You’ll always know the answer to the following questions:

  • Are your APIs running efficiently?
  • How many developers are using your APIs?
  • Which API versions are the most popular?
  • How can you maximize revenue from your customers and partners?

Akana API Analytics

api analytics tool

To Multicloud and Beyond!

Multiple cloud providers? Cloud native capabilities? Hybrid cloud environment? On-premises deployment? Akana does it all.

Accelerate Deployment

Akana is cloud agnostic. You can set up Akana in multiple cloud environments, and switch from one cloud to another quickly. You won’t be stuck on a platform that doesn't support changes in your business or strategy.

That means you can maximize the benefits of multiple cloud providers at once and accelerate deployments with Kubernetes and Docker, among others.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Akana is the same platform with the same capabilities, whether it’s deployed across clouds or on-premises. So, you can balance on-premises requirements with cloud innovation. With Akana, you can have some workloads on-premises and others in a public cloud.

Your Akana API gateway protects the data in cloud and on-premises deployment. At the same time, you get a single platform and interface for managing your APIs.

Unparalleled Support for RESTful, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs

Akana helps accelerate time-to-market with support for RESTful, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs. How? Akana supports all API types, languages, and protocols from a single platform. And it allows you to document and catalog APIs hosted on third-party platforms. This improves oversight and allows stakeholders to manage complex API programs in a consolidated fashion.

API Platform Faster Integration

Faster Integration. More Freedom

Application integration is business-critical. But the integration process moves slowly. Unless you have Akana.

Akana accelerates integration.

You can seamlessly integrate services, with the mediation, transformation, and orchestration capabilities you need to support your business. Akana even supports message brokers like AMQP and JMS.

At the same time, Akana gives you flexibility and freedom through decoupling.

You get a centralized platform to manage decentralized applications. So, you can enforce where required and enable where needed. That means you can delegate security, regardless of what’s happening in other layers of your architecture. And you can make sense of your disparate applications.

What tools to use to implement an API gateway? 

Your API gateway is a critical tool in your API management arsenal. The gateway performs the heavy lifting – from rate limiting and routing services to user authentication and security policy enforcement. Akana API management comes ready-baked with a powerful API gateway, so you can hit the ground running. 

Transforming Enterprises For Over 20 Years

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