More APIs mean more opportunities to unlock new business capabilities and connect with new partners.

But more APIs also mean more security and compliance risks. They can create new exposures that are vulnerable to attack. And there can be issues complying with industry regulations.

As API volume grows, you'll experience a loss of control over API products in promotion. Without proper API governance processes in place, you run the risk of APIs ending up in production that shouldn’t be there.

So, how can you maximize the benefits and ROI of APIs — without the risk of costly breaches, fines, and litigation? 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Enterprise-wide authorization and authentication across a federated architecture.
  • Reducing risk with reusable policies across the portfolio.
  • How Akana covers API security in its entire breadth in an effective and easy to use way.

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Find out how your security and compliance efforts measure up. And discover your potential ROI from a properly-managed API strategy.

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