Why API Governance Is Important

For any enterprise that utilizes APIs in their business strategy, API governance is a necessity. Do you know where all of your APIs are? How do you know if they are behaving correctly?

Comprehensive API governance means that APIs are built the right way, running the right way, and deployed the right way. When everyone at your enterprise is on the same page when it comes to APIs, the more efficient and valuable your API platform will become.

Benefits of API Governance

  • Consistency
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Reusability
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Lifecycle Governance

Build Services Right

Also called Development Governance, Lifecycle Governance marshals your APIs through the development process from design, development, testing, and staging phases. Akana includes a workflow mechanism to approve migration, policy compliance validation, and clear separation between lifecycle stages.

Operational Governance

Run Services Right

A well-architected Operational Governance solution will fully abstract service consumers and providers from the complexity of policy implementation and enforcement, service endpoint location, transport, standards, message exchange pattern, and other impedances to interoperability.

Planning Governance

Build the Right Services

Identify potential services in a planned and managed community to balance long-term planning and short-term needs. Reduce the risk of service development and maximize your investment in APIs by proactively building to plan, rather than simply reacting and building single-use services.

Policy Governance

Uniform Policy Management

Allow administrators to define a wide range of operational, QoS, and compliance policies that they can make available internally and to the external developer community. Ensure a consistent policy definition, implementation, enforcement, validation, and audit through all environments and stages of the lifecycle.

Balancing Central Governance and Autonomy

Learn how federated architecture optimizes resources, reduces security and compliance risks, and increases agility.


Why Use API Governance Tools?

  • Enable consistency across APIs – cutting down on development time and cost
  • Allow components to be reused, both internally and externally
  • Build APIs to achieve specific goals and bring value to the business
  • Track all elements of the API lifecycle – know where, how, and by whom they are being used
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