APIs: The Key to the Future of Financial Services

Banks and other financial services institutions are undergoing some of the biggest changes in their history. No longer are they just a place to store your money. They have now become, in a way, technology companies.

The key behind this digital innovation is the use of APIs in banking. Not only are APIs providing robust security features to protect sensitive customer data and meet emerging regulations, they are opening up new services to the end customer to make banking easier.

With four of the top five US banks and two of the five largest global insurance companies as clients, Akana has a proven track record in delivering solutions for financial services APIs.

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The Four Pillars of Financial Services APIs

FinTech strategy is built on the following principles – all of which are enabled through APIs:


Banks must find new ways of doing business and new services to offer to differentiate from competitors.  


Well-documented, easily accessible APIs enable the integration of diverse, interdependent applications.


Replacing legacy systems with well-structured, secure APIs to stay compliant with regulations.


Reliable APIs can integrate rationalized functions back into the core business. 

How Akana Solves APIs for Financial Services

Data Protection and Security

Exposing financial data via APIs means paying particular attention to security to protect against attacks and risk of data leakage. Akana offers the industry’s most secure solution for API management, as recognized by Forrester Wave.

Deliver New Services

Provide services to your banking customers anywhere, anytime, and on any device with Akana’s innovative technology solutions. Akana makes it easy to design and deploy secure financial APIs, create a developer ecosystem, and drive growth in your business.

Leverage Interoperability

Banks are being forced to open up their systems to foster innovation and create better services for their customers. Some banks are merely responding to regulatory pressure, while others are leveraging this interoperability to create a competitive advantage. Akana offers interoperability initiatives to specifically address Open Banking and PSD2.

Application Modernization

Modernizing applications to offer new services and satisfy new regulations requires careful planning. Akana’s integrated Lifecycle Management seamlessly transitions APIs through all stages of the development process to ensure optimal results.

Expand and Support a Global Customer Base

Akana is globally distributable and high-performing at scale to offer services around the world, complying with regulations in multiple jurisdictions and handling the requirements of a fast growing customer base.

Over 18 Years of API Management Leadership

Leaders across all industries trust their API security to Akana


$24B Global Retailer

Centuries Old Bank

$65B Shipping Provider

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