Why Use Akana’s Financial Services Solution?

Akana offers the easiest way to accelerate digital transformation in the financial services industry. How? Unparalleled onboarding, full lifecycle API management features, and advanced security capabilities. This combination enables:

  • Faster innovation by accelerating time-to-market
  • Better data and security outcomes through automated features
  • A deeper partnership to help you modernize and deliver new services, while also accessing a superior customer experience
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What Insurers Can Learn From Open Banking

Read the Akana ebook – Foundations For a Digital Ecosystem: Applying Open Banking to Open X Across Industries – to learn how insurance companies can leverage open banking strategies in the enterprise.

Why Akana Is the Best Solution For APIs in Financial Services

Faster Innovation

The financial services digital landscape is growing more complex. With FinTech disruption and digital consumer demands shifting, keeping up is no easy task. Akana offers flexible deployment options and dozens of out-of-the-box features so you can simplify the complexity and innovate faster. This includes:

  • An easy-to-use interface for quickly consuming, deploying, and securing APIs
  • Deployment options across multicloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments
  • A platform-agnostic approach that allows you to sync with a variety of other technologies

Customer Satisfaction

Modern financial services organizations must balance brick-and-mortar needs with digital capabilities to create a seamless customer experience. Akana’s automated features, customizable footprint, and security allow you to:

  • Ensure that your customer’s omnichannel experience is both modern and secure. In fact, Forrester ranks Akana a leading API security platform.
  • Guarantee that you can change with market shifts. Our customizable API platform can flexibly deploy across nearly any environment and sync up with an evolving range of tools.
  • Meet customer needs through secure API offerings which can easily be scaled up or down based on seasonal demands, market shifts, and industry trends.

Stronger Data Protection

APIs have become a leading threat vector. And financial services organizations must pay careful attention to security threats to stay a step ahead. Akana offers the most comprehensive API security protocols available, including:

Out-of-the-box authorization, privacy, non-repudiation, and attack prevention

Automated documentation for streamlined policy management

Comprehensive support for the latest security standards including FAPI (financial-grade API), OAuth 2.0, and OIDC standards

Accelerated Modernization

Akana provides a next-generation approach to APIs. We help financial services organizations create a product mindset with APIs and apply full lifecycle API management principles. This helps you:

  • Achieve digital innovation where you need it, not just for the sake of it
  • Grapple with complex microservices architectures and governance policies to achieve greater digital enterprise efficiency
  • Reduce developer time spent on APIs through automated features

How Akana Streamlined Governance for a Global Financial Services Company

Read this case study to learn how Akana helped a large financial services company gain efficiency across teams, accelerate time-to-market, and ensure operational effectiveness through APIs at scale.

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See the Akana Financial Services API Solution In Action

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