Simplified Security and Management

The Akana API Gateway solution streamlines management, deployment, development and operation of APIs, enhancing security and regulatory compliance through authentication, authorization and audit capabilities. It provides central definition and management of security, routing, orchestration, mediation, auditing, threat protection, and other operational governance policies across multiple instances. The API Gateway enables enterprises to standardize API and service delivery with high security, performance, and availability.

Image Simplified Security Management

Akana API Gateway Features

  • Choose from a wide array of authentication schemes, standards and token types to ensure that only valid users and applications get access.
  • Integrate with leading identity and access management providers or use the built-in access control system.
  • Use existing enterprise security systems to create an OAuth authorization server.
Akana Authentication and Authorization
  • Ensure the privacy of data in flight and at rest (a key requirement for PCI Compliance).
  • Support SSL and TLS as well as message-based encryption and decryption using the XML-encryption standards.
  • Sign and verify messages and headers to provide non-repudiation.
  • Simplify key and certificate generation, distribution, and management with built-in PKI services.
Akana Message Security

Bi-Directional Protocol Transformation — Convert existing SOAP or Plain-old-XML (POX) over MQ or JMS services into RESTful APIs with XML and/or JSON content.

API and Message Routing — Route based on message content, headers, identity and other factors.

Orchestration — Remove operations, aggregate multiple backend APIs or services, perform mediation, or composition - without writing code.

Scripting — Author reusable scripts using a variety of languages (e.g. node.js, JavaScript, Groovy, Jython, BeanShell) and embed them within processes.

Akana Threat Protection

Real-Time System Monitoring — Use the Web-based dashboards to get real-time visibility into service and API performance, dependencies, and alert status.

Alert Management — Powerful alert management, monitoring, and distribution. Leverage alerts within compositions to control message routing, enforce SLAs, or perform other runtime activities.

Analytics — Dashboards and out-of-the-box reports provide visibility into the performance of APIs and services from different perspectives, including department, partner, application contract, API/service, or operation.

Akana Analytics and Monitoring
  • Define and Manage APIs — Create APIs with multiple interfaces using different standards including REST/XML, REST/JSON and SOAP with no extra development effort.
  • Comprehensive Lifecycle Management — Control the service production and consumption process from requirements definition to development.
  • Contract Management — Manage relationships between service consumers and providers.
Akana API Lifecycle Management

On-Premises, Cloud (SaaS), or Hybrid — You can choose how and where you deploy to best meet the need of your business, whether it be on-premises, cloud native API gateway, or hybrid.

Virtual appliance — Deploy as a pre-packaged hardened virtual appliance on any infrastructure of your choice.

Akana Flexible Deployment Options

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