Why Use the Akana API Gateway?

The Akana API gateway is a key component of the Akana API platform. It provides the easiest way to securely transform the enterprise without sacrificing speed. That’s because Akana makes it easy to create and manage the API interaction layer. So, you can easily deploy anywhere with strong security.


Akana delivers:

  • Power: Protect the data behind your APIs confidently and effortlessly.
  • Resilience: Let Akana be your runtime gatekeeper and do the heavy lifting.
  • Flexibility: Put the Akana API Gateway anywhere and manage it centrally.

Unlike many API gateway solutions, the Akana API gateway is more than an API proxy. It provides an actual API mediation layer, protect enterprise systems and data.

With Akana, you get more than an API gateway. You gain a platform and a strategy to accelerate time-to-market while protecting your data integrity.


Your Gateway to Multicloud

You can easily deploy the Akana API Gateway in any environment — multicloud, hybrid cloud, on-premises. No matter where — or how many places — you put your gateway(s), you’ll have one central control plane to manage everything. And you can manage it easily.

Using Akana enhances cloud-native deployments. It empowers you to leverage technologies like Kubernetes and Docker to drive your digital transformation initiatives forward.

By using the Akana API gateway, you can avoid vendor lock-in and maximize the benefits of cloud deployments. And you’ll also have the benefits of a fully-featured full lifecycle API management platform.

To Multicloud and Beyond!

One-Click Security — Including OAuth and JWT

The Akana API gateway provides the easiest way to configure security policies and apply them consistently to your APIs in the enterprise.

Akana comes with a library of easily configurable security policies to implement API security from access to message validation and content inspection, with extensive support for:

  • OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect
  • JWT
  • SAML
  • LDAP
  • Mutual TLS
  • And more

Applying security policies is simple — it only can even be done in a fully automated manner. That means you can secure APIs and protect your data faster with guaranteed consistency, accelerating your time-to-market.

With Akana, you get both speed, strength, and consistency in your security. Akana is proud to offer an out-of-the-box financial grade API (FAPI) toolset within the API gateway.

One-Click Security

An API Gateway Your Enterprise Can Rely On

A Fortune 500 company chose Akana because of the API gateway’s state-of-the-art security.

Akana API Gateway Features

Fast Authentication and Authorization

To ensure secured API access, only authorized requests from authenticated clients should be accepted.

Implementing authentication and authorization using the Akana API gateway is fast, easy, and reliable.

You can choose from a wide array of authentication schemes, standards, and token types. Simply click to configure your authentication settings. Then you’ll ensure only valid users and applications can access the API.

The Akana API gateway validates requests and ensures proper authorization, for example by using OAuth. Akana also integrates with leading identity and access management providers.

Akana Authentication and Authorization

Compliant Message Security

Message security is like a next tier in your API security architecture. It provides value to both yourself and to the consumers of your APIs.

Consumers get immediate feedback on the validity of their request. Akana also provides policies to validate the integrity of the message — and even inspect it for potential malicious content. This ensures that your data and enterprise systems are protected from potential attacks.

In addition, these message security capabilities help you fulfill compliance requirements like PCI. Akana ensures the integrity of data in flight and at rest.

To further help you apply your message security, Akana provides powerful capabilities for:

  • Key and certificate generation.
  • Distribution and management.
Akana Message Security

Mediation and Transformation

Akana offers more than security policies. It offers powerful mediation and transformation capabilities.

Akana gives you the ability to create your API mediation layer — without writing a single line of code.

Unlike many API gateway solutions, the Akana API gateway is more than just an API proxy. It provides an actual API mediation layer. It protects enterprise systems and data through a virtual API layer, which takes care of API security and monitoring.

Akana makes transformation easy, too. You can easily convert SOAP into RESTful APIs. You can change message content from XML to JSON (and vice versa). Akana also allows you to expose asynchronous endpoints, like AMQP queues for example, through a RESTful service.

Akana Threat Protection

Automated Analytics and Monitoring

Akana aggregates API analytics and provides out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities, so you get real-time insights faster.

That means you’ll have instant visibility into service and API performance across multicloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. Akana delivers powerful alert management, monitoring, and distribution, so you can stay on top of any changes.

Plus, with Akana’s dashboards and out-of-the-box reports, you can investigate APIs and services from different perspectives. This includes department, partner, application contract, API/service, or operation.

Akana Analytics and Monitoring

Protecting Data Integrity For Over 20 Years

About the Akana API Platform

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