Why Akana for API Management?

The Akana API Platform helps you create and publish secure, reliable APIs that are elegant, easy to consume, built the right way, and running as they should be.


Protect your most important asset – your reputation

Developer Engagement

Empower your development teams to deliver APIs and build a partner ecosystem

Flexible Deployment Options

We address your business needs with on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments

DevOps Integration

Create, publish, discover, consume, and monitor APIs from a single UI

Scale and Performance

Globally distributable, fault‐tolerant, and future-proof

API Design

Design modern, well-structured APIs in your choice of descriptor language

Full Lifecycle API Management

Seamlessly transition resources through all stages and environments in the SDLC

API Analytics

Monitor the performance, availability, usage, and business aspect of your APIs

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your APIs?

Find the financial impact and business value of a properly managed API strategy.

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More About the Akana Solution

Akana is scalable, measurable, and adaptable to support your business strategy.

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