What Makes Sola the Most Complete Mainframe API Solution?

Sola solves today’s most critical problem – making mainframe applications and data a participant in your enterprise API portfolio in a cost effective manner. Sola provides customers with a fast and easy process to expose mainframe applications as secure web services, and allows mainframe programs to consume web services.

Using Sola, customers can leverage billions of dollars of existing mainframe investments when building their enterprise API portfolio. The Sola runtime environment runs entirely on the mainframe, eliminating the need for expensive, unreliable, and unnecessary middleware.

Benefits of Sola Mainframe Services:
•    Vastly increase developer productivity
•    Provide faster time to market
•    Lower application development cost

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Sola Components

Sola Run-Time

Provides the framework for accessing legacy applications as APIs.

The Sola Run-Time now comes in three flavors:

  • Traditional mainframe architecture (Assembler/COBOL) that can run on one or multiple CICS regions on the mainframe.
  • JAVA/OSGI model – zIIP eligible.
  • JAVA/Liberty Profile model – zIIP eligible or can be run off of the mainframe.

Sola Developer

  • A J2EE web browser application and provides the tools and framework necessary to create APIs.
  • Employs a rich and powerful Web 2.0 interface with drag and drop capabilities and a tabbed workspace.
  • Automated creation of artifacts, Swagger v2 & Open API v3, RAML, WSDL runtime metadata, etc.
  • APIs organized by Project, Program/Class/Service or Method/Operation.
  • Includes testing, monitoring, auditing, error logging, and policy declaration.

Enterprise APIs in the Mainframe

Get the most out of your API mainframe investments. Make your mainframe a key player in your enterprise API solution.

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Sola Versions

The latest 2020.xx.xx versions of Sola include a wide variety of new, and improved, features:

  • REST Capability: Sola’s new REST Designer makes it quick and easy to access any API in your portfolio (as well as develop new APIs) using REST protocols. Sola’s Logging facility has been enhanced to provide all the information pertinent to resolving any issues that might occur when accessing your mainframe artifacts using REST.
  • Support for OpenAPI for SWAGGER and RAML 1.0 and above.
  • JAVA Runtime: Sola’s proven runtime can now be configured in a wide variety of ways:
  1. Under CICS as an OSGI Model
  2. Under CICS Liberty Profile as a Servlet Model
  3. Under USS Liberty Profile as a Servlet Model
  4. Off the mainframe on any J2EE server
  5. Under CICS using the traditional (non-Java) architecture

This provides flexibility to set up your runtime environment in a way that best suits your current and future needs as you begin to modernize your mainframe portfolio. On the mainframe, the Sola Java Runtime is fully zIIP eligible.

  • Integrated with our industry leading API Platform: Easy ‘one click’, or fully automated publishing, of Sola APIs to the Akana API Platform. This enables you to fully test, govern, secure, and manage all your enterprise APIs from the same award-winning toolset. This means that API re-platforming will be easier, more seamless, and transparent to your client applications.

SOLA Highlights

Sola runs some of the largest mainframe API solutions on Wall Street, with single customers regularly running in excess of 100,000,000 API requests per day. No production outages in over 10 years.

A single customer has reported a two-year savings of over $43,000,000 from Sola.

APIs can be developed, deployed, and secured from your mainframe programs in a matter of minutes – the fastest on the market.

Has the look and feel of a Robust Client Based Application but runs in a browser.  This makes installation and maintenance much simpler.

Developers only need to learn the Sola tool to start producing APIs from their legacy programs and applications. 

Sola inherits the performance and scalability of CICS. Sola requires no Middle Tier layer, which also means one less point of failure. 

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