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150M+ API requests every day at just one of our customer sites. No production outages in 15+ years at any customer site.

Cost Savings

$43M in savings in the first 2 years at just one of our customer sites. Continued cost savings annually.

Time to Market

Minutes to develop, deploy, and secure. Efficient projects at a fraction of the cost.

Go From Mainframe to Cloud in Minutes

Mission-critical data lives on your mainframe. But you want to get it into the cloud, so you can use it to drive your business forward.

Sola Mainframe APIs make it possible to go from mainframe to cloud in minutes. And you can do it without sacrificing your mainframe, racking up costs, or taking unnecessary risks.

With Sola, you can leave your applications and data on the mainframe — and make them available to modern applications running in the cloud.

You can do this with Sola by exposing mainframe data and applications using SOAP and REST APIs. As a result, you can leverage decades-worth investment in the mainframe — without needing to replicate data or face new risks to your business.

Mainframe to Cloud in Minutes

Simplify API Enablement on Your Mainframe

Sola Mainframe API middleware makes API enablement easy. You can leave your mainframe applications where they are and seamlessly incorporate them in your enterprise API ecosystem with REST and SOAP APIs.

Sola is easy to use. Your mainframe developers can start producing APIs from their legacy programs and applications quickly. And because Sola is browser-based, you don’t need to worry about installing Eclipse in order to access your mainframe — like you would with other solutions.

With Sola Mainframe, you gain the performance and scalability of the mainframe — without adding another middle tier layer. This ensures stability and resilience.

Plus, with Sola Mainframe’s API enablement, you can quickly create and deploy secure microservices based on mainframe data. This gives your business greater agility and flexibility for creating new functionality in modern applications.

Simplify API Enablement on Your Mainframe

Connect Your Applications With Mainframe Integration and Automation

Connect your modern applications with mainframe data and applications easily with Sola Mainframe. Sola offers mainframe integration and automation. This means you can reuse your existing applications to enable innovation.

Sola Mainframe makes it easy to expose and consume APIs from a wide variety of mainframe artifacts, such as CICS, DB2, Natural, and PL/I. You can transform data from any mainframe source — including Commarea, Container, BMS3270, and IMS.

With Sola, you can use mainframe automation to create SOAP and REST APIs fast. Sola also supports and produces Swagger, OpenAPI, RAML, and WSDL.

By using Sola, you can connect your applications and move your mainframe into the future.

SOLA Datasheet

What Can Sola Mainframe APIs Do For You?

Here’s just a sampling of what the Sola Mainframe can do for your business. See Sola Mainframe in action in the 20-minute on-demand demo.

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Sola Keeps Up With Today’s Business Needs

Sola Mainframe constantly evolves with new capabilities for mainframe automation. Today, Sola helps you go from mainframe to cloud — and so much more. Learn more about recent features for REST APIs, Java, and more.

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Key Features of Sola Mainframe

Access Mainframe Applications and Data as APIs

Sola makes it easy to access legacy applications as APIs through Sola Run-Time.

Sola Run-Time gives you three options:

  • Traditional mainframe architecture (Assembler/COBOL) that can run on one or multiple CICS regions on the mainframe.
  • Java that can run under CICS as an OSGI or Liberty Profile model — both of which are zIIP eligible.
  • Java that can run on mainframe USS or off the mainframe altogether.
SOLA Mainframe Access

Add Automation to the Mainframe

Sola adds automation to the mainframe with Sola Developer.

Sola Developer is a JEE web browser application. It provides the tools and framework necessary to create APIs — automatically.

Plus, Sola Developer automates the creation of artifacts, Swagger and Open API, RAML, WSDL runtime data, and more.

SOLA Mainframe Automate

Manage Users, APIs, and Projects Easily

Sola makes it easy to manage users, APIs, and projects.

You can:

  • Empower users and change their capabilities in using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Build APIs in just a few clicks.
  • Create a project and add users and APIs.
SOLA Mainframe Manage

Monitor Performance With Analytics

Sola makes it easy to monitor performance.

In Sola, you get:

  • Testing.
  • Monitoring.
  • Auditing.
  • Error logging.
  • Policy declaration.
SOLA Mainframe Monitor

Integrate With the API Platforms

Want to bring your mainframe applications and data into your API platform? Sola integrates with major API platforms — include our own Akana API platform.

In fact, Sola’s seamless integration with Akana allows you to:

  • Govern and secure all APIs — including mainframe APIs — from a single platform.
  • Produce and deploy APIs from mainframe artifacts.
  • Eliminate unwanted surprises by having everything integrated.

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SOLA Mainframe Integrate

See Sola Mainframe in Action

Watch our 20-minute on-demand demo to see what Sola Mainframe can do for you.

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