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Develop Your API

Watch a short video to see how to develop your API in Akana.
Akana API Platform

Access APIs from Mainframe Programs

Learn how Akana Sola makes it easy to incorporate API calls into mainframe batch, CICS, and IMS programs, as well as DB2 stored procedures.
Sola Mainframe

What Is the Digital Banking Portal?

In this video, we provide an introduction to our Digital Banking Portal. This portal was created to give you a first-hand experience with APIs as they can be published to support an open banking initiative.
Akana API Platform

Sola Analytics

Understand and manage your APIs and the environments that are servicing them with analytics.
Sola Mainframe

Monitor the API

Monitor your APIs for performance, availability, and proper function
Akana API Platform

Secure Your API

Apply API security by protecting API integrity with authentication and authorization
Akana API Platform
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