End-to-End API Management

With the growing API economy comes the challenge of creating robust enterprise services. An API management platform needs to be flexible, secure, and maintain access to both new and legacy systems.

API management is no easy task. Challenges arise in all areas – architecture, security, design, integration, traffic management, and analytics. Having the right tools in place ensures API use is scalable, measurable, and adaptable to support your business strategy.

The Akana API Platform solves your problems with proven tools to take your APIs from strategy and design to deployment and optimization.

End to End API Management
Forrester Wave Report ranks Akana as a leader in API Management

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Benefits of Akana API Management

Akana seamlessly fits into your existing architecture to drive partner adoption, monetize your digital assets, and provide analytics to optimize your business strategy.

Reduce Security and Compliance Risk

Comprehensive support for security standards ensures all types of APIs (SOAP, REST, AMQP) are protected from all types of threats. Centralized, declarative policy management lowers admin costs and mitigates risk of failure or breach. Protect your most important asset – your reputation.

Increase Innovation with New Products and Channels

Empower your development team to deliver APIs and build a partner ecosystem in our API Portal. Reach your target developers with our API catalogue. Create new routes to market and unlock new ways to utilize your business capabilities.

Design Modern, Well-Structured APIs

Graphical tool allows for easy, intuitive creation to design your APIs how you want to. Polylingual capabilities enable you to import and export in numerous programming languages. Develop and consume APIs in whatever form you want.

Ensure Compliance With SLAs

Distributed, highly scalable platform consistently applies quotas for API consumers to ensure compliance with defined service tiers. Avoid overloading your internal applications while providing customers with guaranteed service-levels.

Quickly and Easily Find and Consume APIs

Use the integrated portal for API and application development to ensure APIs are immediately published for discovery and consumption. Reduce developer time and costs. Ensure quality with built-in approval workflow.

Automate Deployment to Ensure Consistency

Lifecycle Management permeates all aspects of the Akana solution to help guarantee consistent API production. Flexible deployment options allow the automation of migration of APIs through all lifecycle stages and environments.

Increase Speed and Lower Costs

Create, publish, discover, consume, and monitor APIs from a single user interface. Reduce developer and administrator time and costs. Impact the bottom line with more APIs, more traffic, and a faster time to market.

Scale and Performance

Flexible deployment options (on-premises, cloud, and hybrid) are globally distributable, fault-tolerant, and high-performing at scale. Avoid the consequences of getting stuck on a platform that doesn’t support changes in your business or strategy.

Over 18 Years of API Management Leadership

Leaders across all industries trust their API security to Akana


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Centuries Old Bank

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