Akana and BlazeMeter API Testing

API testing is about more than the healthy functioning of your APIs. Governance, oversight, and API security all rely upon strong API testing capabilities. In a world where APIs are the leading security threat vector, your organization’s API testing capabilities are how you keep customer and company data secure. BlazeMeter by Perforce offers an integrated CI/CD approach to API testing and monitoring. This allows you to achieve: 

  • Performance API testing and operational API testing alongside other critical development pipelines. 
  • Integrate with open-source and third-party tools such as Jenkins, PagerDuty, and Slack. 
  • Notify the right team at the right time when API issues arise, and put a stop to API challenges before they reach your customers.  

BlazeMeter Synthetic API Monitoring

Screenshot of BlazeMeter's API Monitoring.

Akana customers already have access to robust API monitoring features in the API Management Platform. BlazeMeter by Perforce provides enhanced continuous synthetic API monitoring capabilities, with integrations that streamline CI/CD pipelines and notify team members when issues arise in a preventative fashion.. Many customers wonder what the difference is between API testing and synthetic API monitoring: 

  • API testing ensures your APIs meet performance, security, and operational standards for customer use. 
  • API monitoring (synthetic) ensures that you are made aware if any of your APIs do not continue to function as planned in their live environments. 

Robust Geolocation API Testing

With BlazeMeter, you can monitor API performance from 19 global locations to ensure optimal functioning in your customer’s geolocation. Quickly compare endpoint performance and workflows via simple dashboards to spot issues or slowdowns. Combine API testing and performance monitoring metrics to narrow hard-to-track issues and improve the quality of your applications. With Akana and BlazeMeter you’ll have access to the following monitoring capabilities: 

  • Continuous API monitoring: Keeps you in-the-know of any issues as they arise and notifies your team immediately. 
  • API security monitoring: Get alerts as security threats arise. In an evolving security landscape, monitoring your API security can keep your APIs and applications safe from malicious code injections and external threats. 

Full Lifecycle API Testing and Monitoring 

With Akana and BlazeMeter you can detect challenges early on and simplify the API pipeline for your developers. Keep tabs on how APIs are performing at various stages of their lifecycle to ensure CI/CD processes and API products are in sync across disparate environments. Akana and BlazeMeter also provides integrations that streamline CI/CD processes and notify team members when issues arise in a preventative fashion.

A detailed infographic on Akana and Blazemeter's "Continuous API Product Delivery and Testing."


BlazeMeter enables teams to separate CI/CD code development processes from API product tasks. Utilize BlazeMeter mock services to test virtual API endpoints at the build phase regardless of whether downstream endpoints are available. 


Perform functional, UI, and API load testing to ensure optimal performance prior to QA and production. Gain critical early-phase knowledge of API product performance.

Quality Assurance

Ensure API products meet the highest standards for real-world use with use case tests and synthetic API monitoring. Take advantage of extensive QA testing capabilities to prepare APIs for future use.


After being promoted to production, BlazeMeter offers continuous synthetic API monitoring to maintain health and viability of APIs. When paired with Akana’s operational API monitoring features, this offers enterprises a best-in-class solution. Mock services can also be used for the “try-it” capabilities before switching client applications to the production endpoints.