The Akana API Platform 2018.0.0 release includes several key features, enhancements, and API interface changes since the last major release including:

SNI in Developer Portal

The ability to terminate SSL connections for multiple different virtual hosts, enables reduced cost and better operational efficiency for multi-tenant deployments.

Physical Services in Developer Portal

The ability to create and search through a library of fully defined services that can be used in orchestrated API calls.

Open Banking Enhancements, Including JOSE Upgrade

Support for new and enhanced versions of various standards, most notably support for a new version of the JOSE (JSON Object Signing and Encryption) specification as required for UK Open Banking and PSD2.

Lifecycle Coordinator

Management and control over the migration of APIs, apps, policies, processes, and all other associated assets between environments (e.g. development, QA, staging, production)

Software Support

  • Support for MongoDB 3.4 and 3.6 (extending from 3.2 that is currently supported)
  • Support for Ping Federate 9
  • Support for updated Elasticsearch 6.3.1

Continuing Focus on Security

Enhancements and ongoing remediation of internal and customer identified vulnerabilities.

Scalability and Performance Enhancements

Optimization of connection, thread, and memory management. Improved OAuth server performance, optimized monitoring.