Managing the Full Lifecycle

In order to win in today's fast paced digital world, businesses must maintain stability and reliability while depending on constantly changing internal and external (cloud and partner) environments that support their digital services.

Lifecycle Management in the Akana platform enables enterprises to effectively collaborate between business, developers and IT operations, resulting in rapid development and deployment cycles while increasing reliability, stability, and availability of their APIs and supporting assets.

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Increase Responsiveness to Business

Ensure alignment of API programs with strategic business objectives and make sure that enterprises build the right services at the right time. Achieve quicker return on investment, making sure APIs are built to plan and built to priority. Understand dependencies between planned services to prioritize development appropriately and build services based on current and planned needs.

Improve Alignment Between IT and Business

Deliver APIs and services that are connected to the enterprise's broad set of existing software capabilities and aligned with the enterprise's architectural principles and policies. Provide visibility into what APIs, services, and other software assets exist, how they're related to each other, and how each fits into a company's business and technical landscape. Provide a context for understanding and assessing existing software assets and automate SDLC processes for new APIs and services.

Manage API DevOps

Connect to DevOps tooling to coordinate propagation and deployment of APIs and Services across dev, test, stage, and production environments. Automatically provision APIs and services to Akana's leading API management products while applying runtime monitoring, security, and privacy policies selected over the course of executing the enterprise's defined SDLC.

Automate API and App Provisioning

Add configurable workflow based provisioning of APIs to developers and partners. Easily capture approval information through configurable forms and provide control on how APIs get provisioned to partners. These capabilities can be readily integrated into an IT organization's native tools and processes, increasing organizational agility to respond to changing corporate and regulatory mandates and internal process changes.

Use Tools That You Know

Full Lifecycle Management is integrated with mainstream development tools like such as Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, and other open source based application development tools. Automate parsing, extraction, and population from SCMs, GitHub, and other development tools and platforms. Synchronize with continuous integration tools like Jenkins to track build traceability and delivery of tested and approved executables to downstream deployment platforms.

Visualize Asset Relationships

Use API Lifecycle Management to quickly and easily understand asset-to-asset relationships via graphical representation within a browser or IDE. Viewing such relationships in an impact analysis process helps users understand how Enterprise Architecture relates to IT development projects and plan for incremental change across their set of APIs and services.

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