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Akana analytics and monitoring capabilities come out-of-the box enabling rapid and impactful decision making. This allows line-of-business leaders to improve business outcomes and deliver innovative metrics to the C-Suite. Akana combines business, operational, and API-centric analytics into one, or many customizable dashboards. Akana goes well beyond traditional analytics, such as latency of one-off API calls. Instead, Akana delivers deep insights not typically associated with traditional API management platforms – including:

  • Geographical gateway utilization for distributed data centers
  • Location-based e-commerce sales data
  • App, channel, or retailer-specific sales percentages for e-commerce
  • Annual sales volume broken down by app, channel, or location
  • API performance data broken down by app, channel, or location
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The Competitive Edge of Akana Analytics

With dozens of products, services, applications, and APIs to grapple with — there’s no time for a manual approach to API analytics. So does your API analytics package offer anything other than average latency times, application memory, and error rates? If not, you’re missing a monumental opportunity to use API metrics to drive your business forward. Akana goes well-beyond other API management platforms to deliver a competitive edge with API analytics through:

  • Unrivaled integrations that unlock multichannel insights
  • Presentation-ready visual dashboards that demonstrate ROI opportunities
  • Automated insights and features that jump-start API program adjustments

A 360 Degree View of the Digital Transformation Ecosystem

You need a multichannel picture of how your APIs are impacting the bottom line. And no matter your industry, APIs are the beating heart of your digital transformation. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which API partners, channels, locations, apps, websites, or stores are driving engagement and sales – or even technical challenges? With Akana, that’s exactly what you get on day one. Partner with Akana to get:

  • Unrivaled onboarding support to hit the ground running
  • A no-code visual dashboard suite to demonstrate business outcomes
  • A full view of operational API analytics, developer portal and marketplace metrics, and business and marketing metrics
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