Can you calculate the benefit of your API platform?

There is no question that a full lifecycle API management solution can bring major benefits to your enterprise. Increasing agility, reducing time to market, boosting efficiency, and scaling in an API ecosystem all add to the top and bottom line – but by how much?

The culmination of a multi-year research project, Akana has developed an API ROI Benchmarking Repository and Calculator to quantify the financial impact and business value of implementing an end-to-end API-first strategy.

Watch this webinar as we explore the ROI of API management with discussion of:

  • Two years of research to develop our ROI Industry Norm Repository and Calculator.
  • Framework, theory, and methodology.
  • Key focus areas of API management KPIs.
  • Introduction of the 14 API-first KPIs.
  • Upcoming webinar series focused on key KPI categories.

For more information, check out our complete guide to API ROI.

Find the Value of Your APIs

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