API ROI is a must-have in the enterprise. 

But what does API ROI really mean? And how can you achieve it? 

Consider this your guide to measuring and maximizing API ROI.

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Overview: API ROI in the Enterprise

Enterprise APIs do more than connect applications. They enable your digital transformation strategy. And to succeed in the API economy, you need to manage APIs properly. 

That's because managing APIs the right way unlocks new business capabilities. It creates new partnerships. And it empowers you to deliver new services.

ROI is just one of the API basics you need to know to succeed in the enterprise. Learn them all.

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Whenever you start on a new project, there are inevitable questions:

  • “What value will this project yield?”
  • “What will this do for our company?”

And these questions are just as inevitable when it comes to managing your APIs — and creating API value chains. 

So, how do you build the case to demonstrate the business value of an API strategy? And how can you calculate the ROI of your API management project?

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Measure Your API Value

We've put together an in-depth assessment to help you understand your API performance indicators, so you can drive API ROI.

Use our simple tool to get started driving more value for your business today. 

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How Deployment Impacts API ROI

Your choice of deployment can have a big impact on your API ROI. 

Cloud and hybrid deployments, in particular, add speed to your strategy and help you achieve greater ROI. 

But which API management deployment is the best fit for your business? 

Compare the ROI of API management deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

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How Security Impacts API ROI

Security can have a big impact on your ROI.

Without appropriate security measures, you'll introduce risks and lose money. This is especially true when it comes to API compliance

So, what can you do about the risks? How can you strengthen security, so you can maximize API ROI? 

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How IT Efficiency Impacts API ROI

IT efficiency can accelerate — your slow down — your API ROI. 

As your API products grow... how do you ensure the quality and consistency of your APIs as you scale?

Learn how to maximize IT efficiency and API ROI.


Examples of API ROI

What does API ROI look like? How does it differ by industry? 

Open APIs deliver advantages to industries like banking, healthcare, and insurance. Adopting these APIs can lead to revenue growth through increased customer retention, new products, and new partnerships. 

Find out how you can increase revenue with open APIs.


In the insurance industry, there are some unique performance indicators to measure. So, what's the value of your insurance APIs?

Get an insurance KPI analysis for your APIs. Simply answer a few questions and we'll share you you can drive revenue and ROI with your APIs.


Get an API ROI Solution

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  • Accelerates IT efficiency as your APIs grow.
  • Offers support for open APIs without sacrificing compliance.

See for yourself what sets the Akana API platform apart. 

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