Whenever a new initiative is embarked upon in today’s business world, it is often met with the questions of “What value will this project yield?” or “What will this do for our company?”

In a digital landscape that is increasingly utilizing APIs to unlock new business capabilities, create new partnerships, and deliver new services, these questions have become the norm.

Leaders of technology initiatives have been asked to build cases to demonstrate the business value of an API strategy. But how can you calculate the ROI of your APIs?

Consider this your guide to measuring and maximizing API ROI.

Earlier this year, Akana conducted a series of five webinars (and accompanying blogs) on the ROI of API management, which you will find below. Read along or jump to the section that interests you most:

Overview – The ROI of API Management

Years ago, Akana recognized the need for defining the business value of an API strategy and set out to establish critical industry KPIs and benchmarks.

The end result, after nearly two years of research – the very first comprehensive API management KPI benchmarking repository and assessment process.

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Learn more about the research and methodology of this API ROI assessment in this blog, or view the webinar below.

Increasing IT Efficiency

With the constant growth of APIs products, how do you ensure the quality and consistency of your APIs as you scale?

In this second part of our API ROI series, we take a look at how to accomplish the following efficiency objectives at scale:

  • Speed
  • Repeatability
  • Consistency
  • Compliance

Automating the API product delivery process is key. Having this process integrate with the wider CI/CD environment reduces the amount of manual configuration, which is bound to increase delivery speed while ensuring quality and consistency.

Learn more in our blog Increasing Your IT Efficiency by Managing APIs at Scale.

Or, view our webinar to see a demo on how automation within Akana’s lifecycle management boosts IT efficiency.

Mitigating Security and Compliance Risk

As API usage grows, so does the risk of creating new exposures that are vulnerable to attack, as well as concerns over ensuring that the APIs adhere to their industry’s regulations.

Providing consistent enterprise-wide governance is mission critical to mitigate the risk of security and compliance issues and avoid breaches, fines, and litigation – not to mention irreparable harm to your reputation.

Learn about Akana’s out-of-the-box security solution with discussion of:

  • Enterprise-wide authorization and authentication across a federated architecture.
  • Reducing risk with reusable policies across the portfolio.
  • Covering API security in its entire breadth in an effective and easy to use way.

Read more in our blog, or view the webinar below:

Increasing API ROI With Cloud and Hybrid Deployment

With ever-growing API portfolios, the use of cloud and hybrid cloud environments has become more of a necessity.

Many organizations have turned to cloud and hybrid deployments to improve the speed, performance, and security of their API strategy.

In this blog and webinar, we discuss how these environments can increase API ROI with discussion of:

  • Lowering IT costs
  • Increasing speed and productivity
  • Delivering efficiently at scale
  • Ensuring API security
  • Retaining control of IT assets

Learn more in our blog Increasing API ROI With Cloud and Hybrid Deployment.

Increasing Revenue With Open APIs

The use of open APIs in industries like banking, healthcare, and insurance has not only increased interoperability between parties, but also led to revenue growth through increased customer retention, new products, and new partnerships. 

Learn more about the anatomy of open APIs, their initiatives, and how they can be utilized for increased revenue in the webinar below or by visiting our blog.

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