What Is Federated Architecture?

Federated architecture is a pattern in enterprise architecture. It allows interoperability and information-sharing. But using federated architecture can be challenging. 

As businesses grow, so do their infrastructure needs. This growth presents complex problems that require a simple solution, which is where federated architecture comes in.

The key to ensuring enterprise-wide security and compliance, while still preserving agility and flexibility, is the balancing act between centralization and autonomy between disparate business units.

Use Federated Architecture to Reduce Complexity and Increase Agility 

In this white paper, we will examine what federated architecture is for API management and how it supports your organizational structure.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • How federation architecture applies to API management.
  • Federation in organizational structures and multi-tenant environments.
  • Benefits of federated architecture.
  • How Akana addresses federated architecture needs.
  • Use cases.