As APIs continue to proliferate as the means to unlock new business capabilities and connect with new partners, they also create new exposures that are vulnerable to attack, as well as present the issue of ensuring that they adhere to their industry’s regulations.

These concerns are further intensified as the number of APIs expands within an enterprise. As API volume grows, there comes the sense of a loss of control over API products in promotion. Without proper governance processes in place, you run the risk of APIs ending up in production that shouldn’t be there.

Providing consistent governance across the entire enterprise is essential to mitigating security and compliance risk to avoid costly breaches, fines, and litigation that ultimately affect the bottom-line and ROI of your API initiatives.

Continuing our ROI of API Management webinar series, join us as we explore how the Akana API management platform provides an out-of-the-box solution to mitigate risk with discussion of:

  • Enterprise-wide authorization and authentication across a federated architecture
  • Reducing risk with reusable policies across the portfolio
  • How Akana covers API security in its entire breadth in an effective and easy to use way

To learn more, check out our complete guide to API ROI.

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