APIs enable digital transformation by sharing business capabilities in a partner ecosystem, unlocking new business channels, and creating customer value. Microservices are increasingly becoming the architecture for the implementation of APIs to communicate to developer communities, scale capabilities, integrate services, and deploy faster.

Consider this your guide to the relationship between microservices and APIs.

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About Microservices

Looking for a good starting point on the relationship between microservices and APIs? Check out the resources below for a primer.

Microservices: What, Why, and How?: By breaking large applications down into small, independently functioning services, microservices enable advances in agility and flexibility for developers, but are not exempt from challenges. This blog will discuss what are microservices, how microservices work, and the role of APIs in microservices architectures.

Forrester Research Answers Your Webinar Questions on APIs and Microservices: In this blog, an industry analyst answers pressing questions on the value of APIs and microservices.

Microservices: Why Should Businesses Care?: This white paper looks at how microservices work and offers insight on how to make the most of them, in business terms, while retaining their inherent technological advantages.

Microservices Best Practices

While APIs and microservices can be the key to unlocking capabilities, the reality is that they work as the foundation of a digital transformation only when done right. Organizations must understand how to put the two together to add value. Learn more in this webinar, 3 Big Mistakes When It Comes to APIs and Microservices.

Learn how to pull components out of an application as a microservice with an API Gateway to scale independent functions in our blog Eat Your Microservices Elephant One Bite at a Time, or see this process in practice in our webinar below.

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Securing Microservices

APIs and microservices are major points of vulnerability, given their ability to offer programmatic access to data. Security, therefore, is an essential element of any organization’s API strategy. Check out this white paper to understand the necessary components of a well-constructed API and microservices security strategy.

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Securing Edge API and Microservices

Microservices architectural concepts present new security challenges to solve as new layers of abstraction are introduced into an already complex system of components and protocols. Learn how to stay protected by Securing the Microservices Mesh With an API Gateway.

Additional Resources

Looking for additional resources on microservices and APIs? Be sure to check out one of the links below.

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