The Mainframe Is Thriving

Many have predicted the demise of the mainframe, but it continues to thrive. Most Fortune 1000 companies run critical systems on the mainframe due to the reliability, scalability, and efficiency it provides.

Corporate IT departments face new challenges in leveraging existing mainframe investments and applications. Especially when incorporating enterprise-wide API ecosystems. To get the most out of your mainframe investments, it should be a key player in your enterprise API solution.

Enter Sola Mainframe

Sola is the fastest, most reliable, most efficient, and most economical mainframe API enablement platform available. It is currently used in mission-critical applications by some of the best-known firms on the Fortune 500. 

Download this white paper to explore:

  • What makes Sola unique.
  • Governance taken a step further.
  • Why “free” can be expensive. 
  • Sola capabilities, features, and cost savings.

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