See what's new in the latest release of Akana Sola.

REST Capability

REST capability is now natively supported from Sola. The new Rest Designer makes it easy to establish REST access to your current APIs or build new REST APIs from scratch. JSON and XML supported both as input and output payloads.

BMS3270 Enhancements

  • Dynamic ‘Continue Marker’ which allows the continue markers initial value to be dynamic instead of a static value determined at Analysis time.
  • Include/Exclude of map data whenever a continue or end marker is encountered.
  • Update to ‘Key Matching’ behavior that allows for any field on the map to be populated with a data item when a scrolling map encounters a matching key(s).

Passphrase Support

Use of Passphrase now supported for Basic Auth and for UserNameToken.

Added Support for TOR Group Attributes

  • SolaCertKeyName, SolaX509SerialNumber, ExpSolaCertKeyName, and ExpSolaX509SerialNumber.
  • SolaX509SerialNumber and ExpSolaX509SerialNumber fields now support storing of both Hex and DER Encoded Decimal format of the X509 Certificate Serial number.
  • Capture both the Hex and decimal values separated by ';'. Runtime will try matching either of these values to map respective Keynames.

Enhanced Error Logging

Enhanced Error Logging for APIs accessed as REST.

Java Run-Time

Along with the traditional Run-Time, a Java version of the Sola Run-Time is now available.

DB2 Stored Procedure Support

Now includes support for XML Data Types for SOAP (XML) and REST (JSON).