Digital Banking Portal
October 30, 2020

Digital Banking Portal

API Lifecycle Management

In a recent webinar, Olaf van Gorp, Solutions Consultant at Akana, walked through our digital banking portal and demonstrated how to most effectively make use of it to your benefit. Highlights of the webinar include:

  • Discussion of critical open banking API requirements.
  • Demonstration of how financial-grade API security elements are applied using out-of-the-box solution capabilities.
  • Verifying the entire API configuration through sandbox testing.
  • Reviewing operational metrics and analytics.

What Is the Akana Digital Banking Portal?

The Akana Digital Banking Portal is an example of a consumer-oriented API Portal. In this case, it showcases how a bank could present API products in support of its digital banking environment, using Akana technology.

To this end, it offers a consumer-oriented view on a collection of sample APIs that are based on prevalent open banking standards across the globe.

Developers can easily interact with the APIs, both from a functional and from an underlying security perspective. For example, the Portal offers an API sandbox environment through which fully secured requests can be sent.

Portal Preview

Why Have a Digital Banking Portal?

Why was this portal created, and why now?

The launch of this digital banking portal can be looked at from a wider perspective than just financial services; the timing coincides with an increasing number of organizations offering “open” APIs to the world. Enterprises have begun to offer their APIs to external audiences as part of their digital transformation, a trend that has begun only fairly recently.

Secondly, publishing an API is more than just publishing its technical interface. An API product should be attractive to both tech and non-tech stakeholders. An API Consumer Portal should ideally offer:

  • Contextual information that explains the value to the business.
  • Technical information and supporting tools that facilitate the developer.

In short – what this portal is really about, is an example of how you could offer your APIs as a product to the consumer (or consumer audiences) that you have in mind.

To that end, this portal is essentially a consumer-oriented view on API data catering for the specific needs of API consumers. API developers and admins use the same portal, yet using a different view that allows them to create, update and manage their APIs. Any changes on APIs, carried out in or being propagated to this portal, will immediately be reflected in the consumer view.

Lastly, all API details you see in this Digital Banking Portal have been created using the out-of-the-box, no-code capabilities of the Akana API management solution.

Digital Banking Portal Walk-Through

Watch the on-demand replay of the webinar, “Getting the Most Out of the Akana Digital Banking Portal”, to get an expert demonstration of:

  • The user journey for both non-technical and technical stakeholders.
  • Available API products.
  • Benefits of creating an account.
  • Reviewing and testing an API, both from a functional perspective and an API security profile perspective.

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