December 1, 2022

Full Lifecycle API Management Practices Unlocked

API Lifecycle Management

Every organization knows the importance of digital transformation. Yet, not all companies are aware of how enterprise API management is a key enabler for reaching optimal digital transformation results. In 2022 and beyond, a mature strategy for enterprise APIs can make or break digital transformation outcomes. Furthermore, API lifecycle management tools have proven to be the key aspect for API management effectively underpinning digital transformation practices.

In the following paragraphs, we will outline how Akana Unlocked and API full lifecycle management tools can help your organization achieve digital transformation with APIs.

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The API DJ: Turn the Volume Up on Your Full Lifecycle API Management

Full lifecycle API management translates to managing the entire lifespan of an API from API creation to retirement. It covers the entire lifespan of APIs in context of digital transformation. Full lifecycle API management requires developing a comprehensive API strategy for finding, consuming, reusing, governing and securing APIs.

But how is this different from basic API lifecycle management? Think of your API lifecycle management toolset as your API DJ. And realize the vast difference between an amateur and a professional. Whereas one tinkers in his living room, the other entertains sold-out stadiums.

The professional DJ turns dozens of inputs and sounds into a unified and entertaining show. Likewise, full lifecycle API management connects dozens of API inputs from the wider digital environment (DevOps and CI/CD pipelines, in particular) into seamless and secure API products, available to their prospective consumers. 

Full lifecycle API management is all about optimizing systems interoperability in often highly granular environments. It allows you to scale complex API ecosystems built upon many layers of software's and systems, enabling IT efficiency, improved security, and oversight governance practices that enhance API ecosystem health significantly.

Akana full lifecycle API management creates ease where there was once otherwise, there will be friction, allowing for greater interoperability and management of APIs at scale. As many Fortune 500s know, efficiency and security at scale are critical to digital success. And APIs are the linchpin of digital competitiveness in the modern era. 

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What Is Akana Unlocked?

In 2022 Akana and Perforce simplified their offering by opening up the entire Akana suite to current customers.

APIs are becoming ever more critical, we see an opportunity for customers to grow their impact with our full suite of available tools.

This includes access to and support for OAuth and OpenID Connect, API lifecycle management, and our API Portal (both API admin and consumer interface). Benefits of expanding access to our tools include:

  • Digital transformation stakeholders can meet diverse business objectives
  • Fortune 500 clients have access to a ready-built and diverse API management suite
  • Teams can trust both the scale and security available to meet diverse enterprise needs
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Why Would You Need Akana Advanced API Lifecycle Management?

Advanced API lifecycle management aims to ensure API product quality across both the API development cycle and in the operational environment.

In short, this includes lifecycle management practices that minimize manual developer tasks tied to lifecycle governance. Advanced API lifecycle management goes beyond basic API versioning. Instead, it captures and documents API development status, API production tasks, API environment, needs, and other ecosystem production assets. By documenting, categorizing, and managing these ecosystem assets on the front end, advanced API lifecycle management helps with the following:

  1. The rapid of creation, or updating, of API products in accordance with a given product profile.
  • For example, API products can be managed via custom metadata in the same workflow with unique policies applied, such as deployment in diverse geographical locations, or assigning unique security parameters to various APIs within the same grouping
  1. The effective promotion of API products across non-prod environments to production in a consistent fashion.
  • For example, topology-based promotion allows you to seamlessly move APIs from test to production while also implementing diverse security, governance, and promotion policy application.

Let’s break this down using an example ideal workflow: 

  1. the DevOps team (responsible for coding) completes a software function that needs to be exposed through an API interface
  2. The API product owner determines which API product profile needs to be applied
  3. Based on the profile, the API product is automatically created on the Akana Platform (dev environment) with all necessary Policies applied
  4. Once the API is ready for testing, the product is promoted to the test environment (this step may involve a number of iterations; multiple promotion steps are likely, for example from Test to QA, Staging, etc.)
  5. Once ready for production, the API product is finally promoted to the designated production environment(s)

As a result, the product will be:

  • Deployed on the designated API gateway(s); In other words, available in different network zones, data centers, or geographical regions
  • Published in the designated API Developer Portals(s); In other words, accessible to developers with the required access and permissions
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Unlock Full Lifecycle API Management with Akana Lifecycle Coordinator

Working with Akana means you have access to a full lifecycle API management suite and API security tools such as OAuth that will accelerate your time-to-market in a secure fashion.

With the Akana Lifecycle Coordinator and Akana Unlocked, clients can:

  • Create, publish, and manage APIs across the entire lifecycle.
  • Scale APIs across test, development, production, and live environments through developer portals and marketplaces.
  • Access best-in-class API security and authorization features using our proven API Gateway and Developer Portal, and OAuth features.
  • Publish RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL APIs in a single developer portal quickly and easily.
  • Access comprehensive API testing and monitoring features.

Learn how to access the Akana Unlocked upgrade today.

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