Digital transformation is a top priority for every CXO, but how can businesses quickly externalize their data as APIs, increase customer engagement across their digital channels, while maintaining the desired level of control as mandated by their industry?

This webinar offers a solution, exploring new options for achieving agility and control in the critical development areas of mobile and the cloud. The presentation introduces Akana’s new API Lifecycle Management, which enables businesses to embed workflow and governance controls within cloud and mobile development, providing businesses with agility and control over their assets.

The session, which features a live demo of Lifecycle Management, includes the following topics:

  • Supporting both internal and external development communities that want to access APIs to backend systems
  • Extending the functionality of backend services to mobile devices and through cloud-based offerings
  • Striking a balance between opening up to new digital channels and maintaining control
  • Elevating the need for governance beyond IT to include business decision makers
  • Ensuring that APIs deliver the level of service customers and partners require
  • Guaranteeing that corporate and customer information and assets are secure; and that the integrity of the corporate brand is protected


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