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Organizations’ needs for seamless supply chain, omni-channel integrations, and real-time data are growing at astronomical rates that become a differentiation from companies that thrive or suffer through legacy integrations and backlog.

IT is being pushed to deliver real-time secure and scalable solutions versus the legacy monolithic approaches, not just to their external customers or trading partners, but across all lines of businesses within organizations. The challenge compounds while trying to stay ahead of industry trends and best practices. 

This leaves most IT organizations pondering the question – when should you use MFT vs EDI vs API? 

This webinar will address all of the above by specifically discussing:

  • Where is API headed?
  • Industry best practices and what 3rd-party industry leader analysts like Gartner and Forrester are saying.
  • Is your API strategy secure and scalable?
  • How to modernize your supply chain through API’s (MFT, EDI, and your customer integrations).
  • MFT vs EDI vs API – now what?


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