We’ve all seen the examples of how Netflix and others have transformed their entire business on the back of publishing APIs. You may not be Netflix, but there’s no sign the API economy is slowing down. APIs are everywhere, from social and mobile apps to IoT, big data, and microservices. They’re driving your business and helping you expand into new markets, modernize legacy business applications, and integrate diverse and interdependent systems and data. So how do you leverage APIs to be an efficient way to generate new business value and innovate with minimal risk? 

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Real-world examples of how and why large, traditional businesses are adopting APIs
  • Key roles of APIs in the modern digital enterprise
  • Consideration criteria for designing a well-rounded, comprehensive API strategy


Ian Goldsmith - Vice President Product Management, Akana API management
Jim Malone - Vice President Content, IDG Strategic Marketing Services


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