Learn how to use Akana to create an app, call an API, and request access to test API security.

Here is your step-by-step process. 

As an API consumer, if you want to call an API that has security attached, you first have to create an app.

  1. Click “apps” from the top nav, then “add app” from the drop down. Then give the app a name, summary, and description.
  2. Next, you scroll down to enter the app’s version ID, as well as version notes. You can either add the app ID and shared secret manually, or allow the system to generate them. You can also set the visibility to public, private, or registered users.
  3. Finally, scroll down to the lower right hand corner and click “finish.” Now your app has been created.
  4. If you wish to call an API with security, click “APIs” from the top nav and click “all APIs” from the drop down menu. Find the API you wish to add security to from the list, or use the search functionality. Click “access” in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Next, you select “my test app.” Click “next.” Then select the environment you want to test in and any licenses you wish to enable.
  6. The administrator would then get an access request. They could review all associated app information and either approve or reject the request. The app is then contracted to be able to call the associated API.
  7. If you with to invoke the API, navigate to the documentation page found on the left hand navigation. Next, click “setup” to tell the test client what app you’re going to use to call this API. Select “my test app” which now appears in the list of contracted apps. Then click “save.”
  8. If you want to call this GET account operation, it doesn’t require any parameters. You’ll notice the invoke is disabled. Since this API has an OAuth security policy attached, you must click the “security” tab and click “get token.” The OAuth provider will issue an OAuth access token with the read scope. Click “authorize” to display your access token. Now the client has an access token to be able to call this API.
  9. Finally, click “invoke” and the API is called.  

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