Increase Payment Volumes Using APIs

This customer, the largest health insurer in its state, was struggling with its payments APIs. Its inability to scale the APIs securely was hampering the processing of transactions at the more than $10 billion company.

The customer selected the Akana API Gateway as the solution to increase payment volumes through its APIs. Now it can operate efficiently and comply with new rules imposed by the Affordable Care Act.

Akana Helps With...

Improve Security and Scalability

Integration With Legacy IT Environments

Rapidly Build and Deploy Systems

Challenge: Securely Scaling the Blue Cross Payments API

In the healthcare industry, insurance companies like this customer are referred to as the “payer.” Their job is to process payment requests and make payments to healthcare providers on a timely basis. For this purpose, our customer needed to provide external access to its legacy Blue Cross business payments systems. Entities such as hospitals and medical practices needed regular, high-volume access to process payment requests and receive reimbursement for healthcare services. The customer operates business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) APIs to enable this process.

A slow payment cycle is bad for a payer’s business. Our customer had difficulty with its ability to provide external access to its partners and consumers, ultimately creating a slow payment cycle. Built on IBM WebSphere DataPower technology, our customer’s APIs fronted an older generation of SOA-centric Web Service Description Language (WSDL) interfaces. As systems and requirements evolved, Highmark found that it could not securely scale these APIs.

The Affordable Care Act had already imposed new rules on our customer’s processes resulting in a delay in payment processing, which negatively affected its business. In this context, the customer’s need to update its payment APIs was all the more urgent.

Solution: New API Management Tools

The customer embarked on investigation of potential solutions for their payment APIs in order to improve their security and scalability. Any potential solution had to achieve fine-grained, reliable integration with DataPower. After reviewing proposals from several enterprise software providers, it selected Akana.

Akana’s API Gateway software provides the customer with the ability to scale its payment APIs securely while retaining the necessary interconnectivity with DataPower. The customer also expressed a preference for Akana based on its ease of use and ability to deploy securely with relatively little administrative effort.

Akana’s API Gateway enables the rapid construction of service-oriented applications and the integration of disparate systems. With the API Gateway, the customer has the flexibility to rapidly build and deploy systems that are designed for change. Akana’s API Gateway makes this possible by mediating incompatibilities across real world, heterogeneous IT environments.

Benefits: Faster Payment Processing

With Akana, the customer can now scale up its payment APIs while remaining secure and in compliance with HIPAA and other regulations set by the Affordable Care Act.

Next Steps

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