IBM Bluemix and SoftLayer are cloud platforms that promise to revolutionize how enterprise IT develops and runs next generation mobile and cloud applications. But what steps should organizations take to realize hybrid cloud so that those applications have access to rich enterprise data located in on-premise environments?

In this engaging webcast with live demo, see firsthand how APIs and the IBM WebSphere DataPower API gateway can provide the lynch pin that makes hybrid cloud possible for even the most advanced enterprise IT organizations.

Whether you are working with existing on-premise System z mainframes, WebSphere application servers, WebSphere MQ messaging infrastructures, or Integration Bus flows, this webcast will show you how an API management program centered on DataPower will ensure that all of your SoftLayer and BlueMix applications can seamlessly blend systems of engagement with systems of record and systems of insight into a unified whole.

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • Why so many enterprise IT organizations have made hybrid cloud a priority in 2015.
  • How DataPower can provide the ideal API gateway platform to unify and expose your enterprise data for hybrid cloud
  • Why API management is a critical prerequisite for a successful Bluemix and SoftLayer hybrid cloud initiative
  • How you can combine Bluemix, DataPower, and APIs into a powerful unified platform for all your next generation cloud and mobile initiatives


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