Tune in to watch Olaf van Gorp demo the all new GraphQL capabilities of the Akana platform. In this video you’ll learn how GraphQL works and why it offers strategic advantages in your API management strategy. What is GraphQL? In short, it’s an open source specification for data queries that supports runtime validation, execution, and introspection. It allows teams to submit effective data queries through a single API endpoint. At the same time, the data sources remain hidden from the client. GraphQL allows teams to more effectively run data-first and API-first implementations.

It allows teams to run complex data operations via your APIs while also keeping customer information highly secure. For organizations running APIs at scale, this opens up a world of new possibilities. Likewise, it simplifies API management for a variety of stakeholders.

Watch the entire video to learn how you can run GraphQL APIs via the Akana API Management platform, accelerate digital transformation, and reduce time-to-market.

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