Curious how to productize, market, promote, package, and publish your APIs for better overall performance? Tune in for a brief demo from Akana’s Olaf van Gorp to learn API productization and publishing best practices using Akana. Follow along in the Akana platform to learn how you can easily package APIs for easy consumption and facilitate end user adoption of APIs through a step-by-step API portal and marketplace walkthrough.

In this video you’ll learn how to make APIs visible/available in designated developer portals, how to make relevant API details clear to prospective consumers, how to determine who should and shouldn’t see your APIs, and how to provide your API consumers with a consumption contract.  Additionally, you’ll follow along as Olaf performs each of these steps from within the Akana portal, ultimately making your Akana journey that much easier.

This is the final video in our four-part demo series from Akana. To rewatch and access Part's 1-3 see the following:

You can access Part 1, API Automation, here.

You can access Part 2, API Productization, here.

You can access Part 3, API Promotion, here.

View our on-demand Akana API management demo and learn more about the Akana platform, by clicking below.

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