Curious about marketing APIs, API promotion, and packaging your API products for better performance? Tune in for a brief demo from Akana’s Olaf van Gorp to learn API productization best practices using Akana. Follow along in the Akana API platform to learn how you can promote APIs, package APIs for easy consumption, and facilitate end user adoption of APIs. In this video you’ll learn how to promote APIs from Akana into various environments, implement security policies, manage stakeholder approval, use automated and metadata-driven processes, and utilize environment-specific adjustments. Additionally, you’ll see how to increase visibility by assigning API tiers, user roles, and API topology. Finally, you’ll get a peek into how you can easily assign analytics packages and lifecycle manager security policies in order to streamline consumption and overall API productization.

This is Part 3 of a four-part video series from Akana.

You can access the final video of this series, API Publishing Features to Improve Digital Transformation Outcomes, by clicking below.

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