PSD2-driven Open Banking is here, and with it comes challenges in understanding what it means, choosing which standards organizations to follow, which practices are right for you, and whether to aim for regulatory compliance only or use the regulation as an opportunity to differentiate and transform. From a strategic and technical point of view, compliance dictates that now is the time to chart a precise implementation for your organization – do you know where to begin?

Join Olaf van Gorp for an expert walkthrough of the PSD2 and Open Banking standards, focusing on the different approaches undertaken by standards organizations and major enterprises, and an overview of what a technical implementation looks like using an API-based interface. This webinar covers:

  • Key points of the standards that drive implementation
  • Aspects that are debated and diverge between implementing organizations
  • How an API management platform insulates you from risk

After watching this webinar, you’ll be able to evaluate the different paths that the standards are taking and decide on the best technical option for achieving compliance.

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