As APIs are becoming more and more critical to a business’ operations, it is hardly surprising that they become increasingly subject to scrutiny by responsible business stakeholders like CISO and product management. 

To ensure that accelerated time-to-market objectives do not compromise security, governed automation is essential. Principal stakeholders can be involved early in the process, which helps to proactively mitigate risks and ensure compliance with enterprise standards and guidelines.

In this webinar, Akana’s Solution Architect, Olaf van Gorp, will explain the powerful automation and governance capabilities that Akana provides. These capabilities will help you keep your API management environment secure and up-to-date and will help you to make your APIs available through high-quality, automatically provisioned API products, satisfying the needs of all stakeholders involved. Join to learn how to: 

  • Optimize Akana Platform installation/configuration using automation recipes.
  • Reinforce API product management by profile-based automation.
  • Ensure the integrity of your API production environment through stakeholder approval.

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Olaf van Gorp

Olaf van Gorp

Technical Sales, Akana

Olaf has over 20 years’ experience with software development and architecture, helping organizations such as Compuware and Capgemini solve enterprise-level integration and governance issues. Olaf has supported the technical sales for Akana API management since 2014, diving deep into security challenges as well as issues specific to financial services, such as PSD2 and Open Banking.