The basic integration architecture, as defined by ESBs, hasn't changed for more than a decade. Most cloud integration providers still rely on an ESB architecture and their proprietary connectors. As a result, enterprise integration projects suffer from constraints of availability and reliability of these connectors that are not re-usable across other integration vendors. However, the rapid adoption of APIs and almost ubiquitous availability of APIs amongst most SaaS and Cloud applications are rapidly redefining traditional integration approaches and their reliance on proprietary connectors. In this webinar, we will discuss how enterprises can adopt an API-based integration and connector-less architecture to achieve lightweight, quick, and configurable drag-and-drop integration that is fit for the new digital enterprise.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to drastically cut down time to complete integration projects and integrate an unprecedented number of SaaS and cloud applications within your eco-system.
  • Why ESB's and connector-based integration do not scale.
  • How APIs are redefining integration.
  • A cloud integration blueprint for the Digital Enterprise.
  • How a connector-less architecture can improve productivity.


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