The Akana APIM Platform captures a lot of actionable operational data. To use this data effectively and efficiently, it makes sense to leverage popular solutions that provide additional value. For example, analytics and monitoring purposes and container logs can be ‘unlocked’ by having them visualized in customizable dashboards in Kibana. Join Olaf van Gorp, Sales Engineer for Akana, to learn about these “gems” in greater detail. 

In this webinar, we will cover:  

  • Historical overview and actuals (allowing you to spot trends, initiate actions, etc.) 
  • Distinct views, for example for specific stakeholders, container groupings, etc. 
  • Provide a consolidated, actual overview of container logging details (using Elasticsearch/Kibana) 
  • Adjust visualizations by applying filters and making a selection in fields that should or should not be presented

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Olaf van Gorp

Olaf van Gorp

Technical Sales, Akana

Olaf has over 20 years’ experience with software development and architecture, helping organizations such as Compuware and Capgemini solve enterprise-level integration and governance issues. Olaf has supported the technical sales for Akana API management since 2014, diving deep into security challenges as well as issues specific to financial services, such as PSD2 and Open Banking.