Akana is thrilled to now offer support for GraphQL APIs.

In this webinar, Olaf van Gorp and Samir Ullal walk through what is GraphQL, the capabilities and challenges and how you can take advantage utilizing GraphQL APIs with the Akana platform.

GraphQL is an open source specification for data queries that supports runtime validation, execution, and introspection. It allows teams to submit effective data queries through a single API endpoint. At the same time, the data sources remain hidden from the client (resolved).

This means that you can run complex data operations via your APIs while also keeping customer information highly secure. For organizations running APIs at scale, this opens up a world of new possibilities. Likewise, it simplifies API management for a variety of stakeholders. Watch the whole video to learn how you can run GraphQL APIs via Akana API Management platform, accelerate digital transformation, and reduce time-to-market.

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Olaf van Gorp

Olaf van Gorp

Technical Sales, Akana

Olaf has over 20 years’ experience with software development and architecture, helping organizations such as Compuware and Capgemini solve enterprise-level integration and governance issues. Olaf has supported the technical sales for Akana API management since 2014, diving deep into security challenges as well as issues specific to financial services, such as PSD2 and Open Banking.

Samir Ullal

Samir Ullal

Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, Akana

Samir has over 25 years’ experience with software development and governance. Samir manages the Akana products and has supported the technical sales for the Akana Platform for nearly 18 years. He has helped many customers deploy governance in a manner that fits their best practices, as opposed to forcing a prescriptive approach.