Modern APIs have revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers and partners. And while the potential for generating additional revenue from using these APIs was recognized early on, like most things, it takes a while to go from concept to reality. Today, we are seeing a shift by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies looking to monetize their APIs.

With the maturation around API product creation, security, and financial and legal aspect management, it is much more feasible for a business to rely on APIs as a valuable source of additional revenue; in many instances, it has become a primary revenue channel.

Learn more about a holistic approach to monetization with the current maturity around API products that requires involvement from the entire organization, not just the API management team. Join Olaf Van Gorp, Solution Architect for Akana at Perforce, to discuss:

  • Maximizing the business value of your APIs.  
  • Technical and organizational requirements for API Product monetization.  
  • Akana features to help you successfully monetize your APIs.  

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Olaf van Gorp

Olaf van Gorp

Technical Sales, Akana

Olaf has over 20 years’ experience with software development and architecture, helping organizations such as Compuware and Capgemini solve enterprise-level integration and governance issues. Olaf has supported the technical sales for Akana API management since 2014, diving deep into security challenges as well as issues specific to financial services, such as PSD2 and Open Banking.