Expert API Platform Management

Akana Admin as a Service offloads maintaining and securing your Akana API platform to our team of experts. This gives you critical time-savings and resources back to focus on other initiatives, while also providing peace of mind that your API platform is fully secured and supported. 

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Why Use Akana Admin as a Service

43% of enterprises admit that talent and skills shortages are impacting their growth. Don’t let your organization be one of them.

Availability of Talent and Skills

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Managing Technical Debt

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Proficiency in Necessary Skills

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Save Time, Save Money, and Secure Your API Platform

Akana Admin as a Service enables organizations to update, secure, and manage their Akana API platform without dedicated in-house resources. Benefits include:  


Stay up-to-date on the latest features and functions 


Proactively address vulnerabilities 


Ensure your API management platform remains accessible when you need it 

Modular Service Offerings to Meet Your Needs

Akana Admin as a Service packages are focused on the most critical elements of Akana API platform administration.

Silver Admin-as-a-Service Offering:

  • Security & Compliance Package — Enterprise Grade Secured Access:
    • Authentication / Access Management tools integrations (OAUTH, OpenID, Federation-based ID & Access Management, SAML, LDAP, WS-Security)
  • Data Mastery & Storage Package:
    • Data Management with RDBMS & MongoDB for API Management

Bronze Admin-as-a-Service Offering:

  • Core Infrastructure Package  
    • Akana Installation:
      • Standard installation/Docker installation
      • Akana update (optional add-on) from legacy version to latest ones (separate SoW)
    • Integration & Compatibility Package — Akana Tool Stack Compatibility Assurance:
      • 3rd party integrations
      • Data storage & management

Akana Black-Belt Offering:

  • Weekly technical consulting & ad-hoc support for API Management requirements
    • 2/4/8 hours per week of consultation
    • Minimum one month term (preferred terms for longer committed project)
    • Dedicated consultant with deep context to accelrate and expand the Akana API management platform in the organization

Additional services are available through Akana’s Consulting and Training team.

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