Ensure The Success of Your API Program

Nowadays, every major enterprise is likely to have an API program in place, the actual success of such a program may falter. For example, developers often report difficulties in finding the appropriate API. Obviously, the success of any API program will be boosted by effective API discovery and adoption.

A comprehensive enterprise-wide API catalog is an ideal solution that encompasses both. Though common API management solutions may offer an API Portal, their purpose should be carefully considered; attention should be given to the following aspects:

  1. Can the portal effectively capture all required API information?
  2. Can it do so for any API, irrespective of deployment platform?
  3. Can the information be offered subject to user authorization?
  4. Can it ensure that information is actual/in-sync with runtime reality?

Having an API Portal in place that effectively addresses these aspects will certainly contribute to the success of your API program.

Enter The Akana Universal API Portal

Akana is a powerful enterprise-grade API management solution that offers an API Portal with universal applicability. Major Fortune 500 customers use the Akana API Portal as the catalog for their APIs deployed on the Akana API Gateway. But the Portal can also be used to present well-documented details of APIs from alternative deployment platforms.

Download this white paper to explore:

  • The power of the Akana API Portal as a one-stop shop for all available APIs in the enterprise.
  • Authorized Portal access that ensures users only get to see the APIs they are entitled to.
  • How developers can easily find and implement the API they are looking for, thanks to extensive API documentation and test facilities.
  • And more!

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