API security is the principal concern when it comes to establishing a trusted API ecosystem. Rightly so, because opening up business systems through APIs by definition expands the attack surface that can be exploited. Although many threat vectors and vulnerabilities are well known, we have to remain on the lookout for new threats continuously.

On the positive side, open standards that help defend against security threats are constantly being created and refined. What is even more helpful are the specifications that aggregate relevant standards into a comprehensive API security profile. Excellent examples of these are the current specifications that support open banking initiatives like UK Open Banking and PSD2. Could these specifications not have a wider applicability? In other words, would we be able to benefit from the security guidelines captured in these specifications in other verticals like logistics, retail, energy, healthcare and government, too?

In this presentation from APIdays Paris, we compare security guidelines covered in the specifications and see to what extent they may benefit the wider enterprise API developer community.