API Management
Accelerate Digital Transformation

Externalize your data and services as APIs. Drive partner adoption, monetize your digital assets and provide deep insights to accelerate your digital transformation. Ensure alignment of API programs with strategic business objectives and manage the full lifecycle of how you plan, build, operate, share and version your APIs.

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Cloud Integration
Lightweight and Designed for Web Scale

A cloud integration gateway provides an integration-tier that is targeted towards the need of an agile digital business. Aggregate data from different applications, on-premise or in-cloud, add bussiness logic independent of the applications, and make it availalbe as secured APIs for consumption through mobile apps, cloud apps or IoTLearn More

Data Centers

Management and DevOps for Microservices

Akana helps enterprises to build web-scale, distributed and decoupled applications that are composed of microservices. Akana enables policy based DevOps automation and has a runtime platform that provides service discovery, registry, security enforcement, scaling, routing and auditing of microservices on a variety of containerization and/or cloud platforms.

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