The trends are clear, ProgrammableWeb, an API repository, eclipsed the 17,000-API mark in the first quarter of 2017. Indeed, since 2005, we've seen APIs grow from a curiosity, to a trend, and now to the point where APIs are core to many businesses.

APIs provide tremendous value to countless organizations and developers, however, as APIs continue to grow in number and become more heterogeneous, with the use of emerging technologies such as serverless, containers, and the rise of microservices, we're quickly reaching a tipping point at which things could fall down quickly.

So, what's an enterprise to do?

Watch David Linthicum and Ian Goldsmith, experts in API management, discuss how to define the problem, how to define your own API management requirements, the business case, and what technologies are available now to make you successful the first time.

This webinar leaves nothing to chance, in terms of what the issues are and what to do about them.

You'll learn:

  • How to define your own API management requirements
  • How to create a business case that convinces stakeholders
  • How to select the right API platform to make your organization successful


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