With APIs rapidly becoming one of the principal channels to generate enterprise revenue, it is important to ensure the continued viability of your API program.

For example, how can you govern a rapidly expanding number of APIs, not just in terms of absolute number, but also in terms of their proliferation across business units and geographies?

Being able to scale your API management capabilities in a secure, reliable, and straightforward manner is essential to maintaining IT efficiency, ultimately affecting the bottom-line and your ROI on your API initiatives.

Continuing our ROI of API Management webinar series, join us as we explore how the Akana API management platform can improve IT efficiency with discussion of:

  • Managing APIs at scale
  • Automated API creation in a wider DevOps, CI/CD approach
  • Simplicity and consistency of promotion of APIs between environments and lifecycle stages
  • Integrated API portal with both developer and consumer views to balance efficiency and control

To learn more, check out our complete guide to API ROI.

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