Although APIs for mobile are a high priority, APIs enable much more than mobile. For starters, your customers want consistent experience across all touchpoints, including mobile, web, contact centers, and more. B2B partner interactions and Internet of Things need APIs, not to mention how APIs prepare your organization for a broad range of new business strategies and digital transformation.

Layered API design increases the value of your API investment by enabling all of these scenarios. If you’re implementing APIs without layered design, you’re squandering an opportunity to prepare for rapid business change in the digital age.

In this webinar, Akana’s guest speaker, Randy Heffner of Forrester Research, will describe the principles of layered API design and why it is critical for your API strategy. Alistair Farquharson, CTO at Akana, will describe the concept of federated APIs and how an API Management platform can be effectively used to deliver layered API design.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why businesses undergoing digital transformation need to design for multiple channels
  • The principles of layered API design
  • What federated APIs are
  • How an API Management platform can be leveraged to deliver layered API Design


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