In the race to unlock new business channels and create more value, there is always a push to develop new APIs. But how do they come about? And how do you ensure that they are developed not only swiftly, but securely?

Through all phases of an API - from strategy and design to deployment and optimization - there are vulnerabilities for malicious attacks that can allow unauthorized access, unapproved APIs, and exposed data.

In this webinar, we explore the API development process: where it originates, how to secure it, and how to maximize automation while preserving the human process.

Join Rod Cope, CTO of Perforce Software, and guest speaker Randy Heffner, VP and Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, Inc., as they discuss: 

  • How new API’s often come about due to new web and mobile applications
  • Securing the API development process
  • Workflows to meet business needs
  • Integration with CI/CD/DevOps

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